Special Operations Equipment

Special Operations Equipment


The Special Operations Equipment Handbook covers the global SOF industry.

It provides an assessment of the market, photographs and specifications as well as supplier information and fills more than 160 pages in the following sections:

  • Mobility
    • Specifications and images of mobility platforms, covering the land environment in the form of special operations vehicles as well as the maritime (surface and sub-surface) and air (fixed-wing/rotary-wing/military freefall) environments.
  • SOF Warrior
    • Detailed information on more than 200 systems, spanning assault rifles and shotguns, sniper rifles, handguns and personal defence weapons, as well as  suppressors and visual augmentation systems.
  • C4I
    • Data on a selection of the key tactical communication systems available to the SOF community.
  • SRSE
    • Data on key intelligence systems employed by special operations forces,  including COMINT/ELINT and direction-finding systems, and RCIED and RF  jammers.
  • Product Guide – an easy guide to who makes what
  • Guide to suppliers – A-Z of the industry supplying this sector